Impulse RP Community / Server Rules

Please read all the rules carefully, we expect that you should have some knowledge of our ruleset before joining our servers

1. Game Functions

Do NOT block areas where jobs and shops are please. We don't need things spawning on top of each other. Wait your turn to do a job if need be. If there's a vehicle blocking the circle anywhere, ask for an officer to remove it over global help, or call 911 to get an officer to remove it!

2. No Meta-Gaming

Meta-Gaming is using out of character (OOC) information or 3rd party information in an in character context. For example telling your friend on Teamspeak to come and shoot a cop that is arresting you Teamspeak channels are for out of character discussions only and any information given in them cannot be used in character.

3. No Combat Logging

If you are in an active roleplay situation and you disconnect to avoid any form of contact with any party involved you are combat logging. If you crash or lose connection please inform the person involved that it is the case and you will be back as soon as possible.

4. Do Not Police the Police

This is a game. If the police forget to read you your rights its not the end of the world! When in RP try not to tell the police what to do. You are allowed to defend yourself and voice your opinions however.

5. Roleplay

Make sure everything you do has roleplay in it and makes sense in a roleplay context. Think to yourself "Could this be done in real life" if the answer is no then you are failing to follow the rules and can be a bannable offence. Driving in an unrealistic manner (known as "GTA Driving") also applies to this rule.

6. No Death Matching

Have a reason to kill people. This rule is universal among all servers and is common sense not because they looked at you wrong. RDM (Random Death Match) is seen as a bannable offence.

7. No Cop Baiting

This rule can go in hand with FailRP really. If your motive for doing something is i want to get in a police chase or get caught by the police then you are cop baiting. Any intentional cop baiting will get you banned.

8. Account / Character Rules

Only 1 Steam Account per person is allowed on the server. DO NOT create multiple Steam Accounts. You must use a first name and last name when you make a new character on the server. And it must be realistic!

9. NLR (New Life Rule)

If you die and get revived you remember everything that happened. However if you die and respawn at the hospital you forget the last 10-15 minutes of everything that happened And the people involved.

10. Exploits / Cheats / Mods

Client side mods that give the player an unfair advantage are prohibited. This would include any speed upgrades, trainers and mods that give advantages (Most are blocked anyway) Exempt from this rule are mods for map, sound or lighting, etc. these are ok to use as they do not provide any edge to the player. Exploiting bugs in the game or any other type of cheat will result in you being banned from the server. Pretty simple... If you find a bug, report it! If you keep using the bug and it benefits you or harms others in some way, you will be banned!

11. Drug Rules

You are only allowed to buy or sell drugs when there is at least 3 cops on the server. (Will be shown as medium police presence) You are not allowed to resell drugs to players. The only people allowed to sell drugs to players are the drug faction members. The maximum amount of drugs you are allowed to buy at one time is 180 bags. Drug faction members are not allowed to sell to NPCs.

12. Commiting Acts of Crime in Spawn Areas or Garages

Spawn is a very busy area, with the fact that people are just spawning there, so it can become very chaotic and very difficult to deal with. Any crime that initiates in the spawn area and up to the garage will be removed from the server. Crimes that have been initiated outside of the spawn area, that have been unavoidable to travel through the area you will be granted with grace. However please try and avoid the area at all costs. Please take note of the server laws, any of these committed will have action taken against them! That includes loitering.

13. No Stealing Emergency Vehicles

It is against server rules to steal and operate any emergency vehicles on the server unless you are whitelisted cop or EMT.

14. Monetary Gains

Offering players real money or gifts in exchange for in-game money, is against server rules. This is not a "Pay to win" game where players can trade real life money for game money!

15. Microphone Requirement

To achieve a high standard of RP, we require all players to use a mic in game. If you do not have a mic you will be removed from the game.

16. No Discrimination

Any discriminatory remarks or comments in relation to Race, Religion, Age, Sex or Sexual orientation will be dealt with harshly by means of an immediate ban. There is no exception to this rule, this means both in and out of role play these actions and comments are completely unacceptable.

17. Transferring Funds

Transfering money and / or belongings between your own character is against the server rules. This includes transferring funds to a friend first. Exceptions can be made by getting approval from a Director